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QMobile B900


QMobile B900 another touch screen handset that is capable of only 2G network and have VGA camera. This phone not support WiFi and supports all other communications features like USB, bluetooth and GPRS/EDGE etc.

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QMobile E885


QMobile E885 is 3.5 inches touch screen HVGA display and also DUAL SIM phone that supports GSM 2G network. QMobile E885 is very handy and cute handset that is also below Rs5000 and meets the needs of a user who want to call and only sms/MMS not want to explore internet.It also supports upto 16GB memory card to recording video and capturing pictures and storing songs and tunes.

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QMobile R850

Qmobile-R850 pak mobile price

QMobile R850 bhe ek Bar phone hai jo keh zara ek mahnga hai QMobile C3 sy bhe magar yeh 16GB tak memory card support karta hai or es ke screen ka size bhe bara hai jo keh 2.8 inch ke QVGA screen hai. R850 Qmobile ke price or feature takreeban barabar hain keon keh es ka andir GPRS/EDGE or bluetooth jaise features bhe majood hain jo keh sasty sets main nahi hain.

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QMobile M20


QMobile M20 bar phone from Qmobile is long standy by and talk time mobile phone.It is a dual SIM supported with 8GB memory card and VGA camera for capturing pictures.M20 has 1800mAh battery and also a torch light that helpful in load shedding in Pakistan.

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QMobile C3

QMobile C3 pak mobile price

QMobile C3 is sab sy sasta 2G network supported GSM mobile hai.Es k andar 16 GB tak memory card dall sakty hain or tasweerain leny k lye es ka VGA ka camera bhe hai.Kamal he kar dya hai Qmobile ny etana sasta keh rha na jay. OR haan es main Torch light bhe hai jo andhary main roshne karny k lye ap estamal kar sakty hain.

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QMobile C2

QMobile C2

QMobile C2 Mobile phone is a dual SIM bar phone supports 16GB memory card.It has also VGA camera and 1450 mAh battery that only include bluetooth no any other communication feature.

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QMobile W200

QMobile W200 pak mobile price

Qmobile W200 a bar phone having 2 mega pixel back camera and without front camera.Qmobile W200 also supports 16GB memory card. W200 supports 2G network and 1200mAh battery.

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QMobile B18

QMobile B18 Mobile Price

QMobile B18 a bar phone having 1000mAh battery and torch light feature is best for single user and cheapest phone. QMobile B18 is 2G supported bar phone with only smart main camera.

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